Monday, March 23, 2009

AZ Chief Justice McGregor to retire

During and address to a joint session of the legislature today, Chief Justice Ruth McGregor announced to the assembled legislators, staff, and guests that earlier today, she had notified the Governor's office that she would retire from the Arizona Supreme Court at the end of June.

She spoke of her good fortune to have had the wonderful colleagues and staff to work with as they've addressed the challenges facing the Judiciary.

Note: This was a bit of a bombshell (only a bit - her retirement has been rumored for a while) dropped at the end of a regularly scheduled address to the lege on the state of the judiciary. As such, I was there mostly because I've never attended a joint session of the lege before and thought it would be interesting in a "political geek" sort of way.

It's nice to scoop the MSM once in a while. :))

On to the Senate Judiciary hearing on felony warrant service (the start of which is running late, so there was time for this post.)

More later...
Edit to add -
Pic of Chief Justice McGregor addressing a slightly more than half-full House chamber (and it was that full only due to the presence of guests on the floor; most legislators were no-shows.)


ROY WARDEN said...

Ruth McGregor, Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, resigned nearly a year before her term was due to expire because a determined group of political activists drove her from office.

McGregor gained unwanted notoriety last year when she used her position to promulgate "Pro Raza" policy and advance the political interests of a powerful group of left wing lawyers and judges called "Los Abogados."

On September 12, 2008 Los Abogados, objecting to the use of legal terminology commonly used in Arizona courts, wrote a letter to McGregor strongly "encouraging" her to influence the lower courts to refrain from using terms like "Illegal Aliens," "Illegal Immigrants," and "Anchor Babies" because, "these terms attach an illegal status to the person thereby establishing a brand of contemptibility."

Los Abogados suggested to McGregor that the use terms like "Foreign Nationals," "Unauthorized Workers," etc, would "increase the professionalism of the courts, reduce the perceptions of judicial bias, and lead to greater confidence in Arizona courts."

McGregor passed the letter on to the lower judges along with her own letter and stamp of approval. A public watchdog group, Judicial Watch, got wind of the incident and reported it on their blog. Cari Gerchick, a member of Los Abogados and an assistant to Chief Justice McGregor, angrily called Judicial Watch and threatened to sue.

Subsequently, "Close the Border" activist groups from around the state wrote articles, filed complaints and set off a firestorm.

"McGregor violated the Canons of Judicial Conduct which prohibit judges from showing partiality, engaging in improper acts, or even creating the appearance of impropriety," said Tucson activist Roy Warden.

"Then she threatened Judicial Watch and tried to weasel out."

On December 10, 2008 Arizonans for Immigration Control held a rally in front of the Arizona Supreme Court, to bring the matter to public view.

"At the rally we handed out contact information; subsequently a number of officials called me. At their suggestion I produced a document which summarized the incident, and Lee Ewing, the President of Arizonans for Immigration Control, sent a copy to a large number of Arizona Legislators and Senators, and every member of the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct."

"I sent the same information to over 1,000 Pima County lawyers and judges who read Common Sense II. Some of them called me to express their concerns. Let's just say a growing number of Arizonans don't like officials, and judges, who promote Pro Raza Policy.

"Here's the bottom line, and it’s inexcusable: the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court bent over and grabbed her ankles to advance the political interests of La Raza, the Open Border Lobby, and Los Abogados," said Warden.

"Last year I told a whole lot of people we’d hold McGregor responsible, and we did.

"Her resignation proves that in America no person is above the law, even a Supreme Court Chief Justice. Today the wheels of justice finally turned. Today the people took Ruth McGregor down."

For more information, please contact:

Roy Warden
Director, TWPF
520) 881-0535

Casey said...

Roy Warden may not be the most credible source of the information as he is citing himself. Additionally I doubt the legitimacy of any commenter who's website is his last name followed by "burns mexican flags."

cpmaz said...

Casey - No argument about Warden. He's a complete nut.

I left his comment up for two reasons -

1. It isn't spam nor it is obscene. I may think that what he wrote is utter crap, but it was on point (well, in the same ballpark anyway).

2. Most of the readers here either A) know who he is already and ignore anything that he has to say, or B) are intelligent enough to look at what he wrote and figure out that the writer doesn't have much credibility.

If he was trying to sell Costa Rican real estate or shill for escort services (which spammers have tried here), the comment would have been deleted within hours (or even minutes) of its posting.