Monday, January 26, 2009

The lege's plan for education in pictures

Call this one the "before" pic, as in "before" the likes of Russell Pearce and John Kavanagh get their hands on it

(Pic of the ASU campus courtesy the blog Ten Car Train. BTW, the blog entry it's attached to is funny as hell. :)) )

Call this one the "after" picture.
(Pic courtesy of Visitors Memories, this one is of an abandoned one-room schoolhouse in Canada [I think])
For anyone who might think this is a little over the top, the word of the day today is "metaphor." Look it up, but do it quickly before they can add dictionaries to their 'banned books' list.
At noon on Wednesday, there will be a noon rally at the State Capitol to protest the plans to gut education funding in AZ. In addition to students from all over the state, there will be a large contingent of East Valley Democrats in attendance.

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