Thursday, December 11, 2008

MCDP candidate for Treasurer - Catherine Miller

Courtesy an email from the Maricopa County Democratic Party -

Dear Fellow Maricopa County Democratic Party PC,

I am asking for your support as I seek the Office of Treasurer of the Maricopa County Democratic Party. I am eager to be a part of building towards more Democratic successes in Maricopa County.

We have been fortunate to see a large increase in the number of elected Democratic Precinct Committeepersons for Maricopa County which presents us with a wonderful opportunity to grow into a stronger organization ready to elect Democrats to office at every level in our county.

As your Treasurer, I will be committed to maintaining the timely filing of required public disclosures, and will invest considerable time in coordinating between the various elements responsible for ensuring a well maintained MCDP Treasury.

I also give you my commitment to involve myself with fund-raising activities and to participate and coordinate with the Finance Sub-Committee, at the discretion of its Chair.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to have your vote on Saturday.

Catherine Miller,
Notary Public
Elected PC: LD17, Tempe 48

Other parts of Catherine's background, also from the email -
Catherine (Ladybug) Miller is involved in the Democratic Party as a Precinct and State Committeeperson and has served as an Officer at the district (LD22 Chair) and county level (MCDP Assistant Chair). In 1992 she served on the North Alabama Steering Committee to elect Bill Clinton. She was an Area Coordinator with the Arizona Dean Campaign who went on to found and Chair the local DFA group. She was also instrumental in the formation GEMDEMS. In 2005, Ms. Miller was nominated for Arizona's "Democrat of the Year" by her fellow party activists. Most recently, she served on the Arizona Steering Committee of Bill Richardson for President and served as a professional consultant to two winning statewide races for Corporation Commission.

Note: all candidate emails from the Maricopa County Democratic Party are informational only and are not an endorsement of any kind. Also, the fact that the information is posted here is also not an endorsement.

More candidate summaries/campaign statements to come...

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