Friday, December 19, 2008

Look in a mirror, John

When State Sen. John Huppenthal starts looking around for someone to blame for his travails, he *really* should be looking in a mirror when he points a finger...

From -
State Sen. John Huppenthal R-Chandler has been charged with criminal misdemeanors for cutting down an opposition campaign sign on Election Day.

He's accused of theft and altering or destroying a political sign. A conviction could send him to jail for up to six months.

The nine-term state lawmaker called the charges "a continuation of the sadistic and vindictive smear campaign by the Democratic Party . . . they should drop this and paint a positive vision for the future of Arizona."

Ummm, Sen. Huppenthal? You brought this all on yourself. Admit (to yourself, anyway) that you scuffled with an elderly woman, quietly do your day or two of community service (face facts - that's the most he will get), and LEARN THE FREAKIN' LESSON!

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