Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Congratulations to the new leadership team in LD8

On Tuesday evening, the torch of leadership of north Scottsdale's (and Fountain Hills') Democrats was passed from outgoing chair (but she's still going to be *very* active) Margaret Hogan to new chair (and current vice-chair) Laura Copple.

The meeting started with Margaret Hogan thanking a number of people for their efforts during this year's campaign. She also took a moment to reminisce about Joel Sinclaire, the candidate for county supervisor who passed away suddenly.

After that, and before she chair the part of the meeting where her successor was elected, she received a standing ovation from the assembled PCs in gratitude for her years of hard work and leadership (she also got a kick-ass cake, but don't tell Doug Mings, the outgoing chair of D17 chair. He'll get jealous. :)) ).

By the time the meeting ended, the LD 8 Democrats had elected Laura Copple as Chair, Chris Brown and Stephanie Rimmer as 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs, respectively, Jeff Jameson as Secretary, and Eddie Lopez as Treasurer.

They also elected 15 representatives to the Democratic State Committee, but I couldn't take notes fast enough to get all of the names down. :)

Again, thanks go out to the outgoing officers - Margaret Hogan, Jerry Gettinger, Tim Ackley, and Susan Fletcher - and congratulations go out the incoming officers.

Have a good night...

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