Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I *really* hope that CNN is wrong on this one..

Because if they're right, we are weeks, possibly days, away from having the Arizona chapter of the Flat Earth Society running completely unchecked over Arizona.

CNN is reporting that anonymous sources within the Obama transition team have told them that Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is slated to be his nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security.

For her part, Governor Napolitano denied that she is seeking a position in the Obama Administration while not taking her name out of consideration for such a job.

While I respect Governor Napolitano and wish her well in whatever course she chooses for her career, I've got one thing to say about the possibility of her exit from Arizona political scene -

Arrgghhhh!!! Don't go, Janet!!! Please!!!

If she leaves, the only thing that will stand between the depredations of the loons running the AZ lege and the people of Arizona will be...

Governor Jan Brewer???

If that situation comes to pass, God help us all.

The only possible silver lining to a Brewer governorship would be that two years of insanity and pure hell emanating from West Washington will make it easier to elect Democrats to the lege and statewide office in 2010.



Manuél said...

i can't believe she is doing this to Democrats in her state. as I've said repeatedly to anyone who's asked for my reaction: "this makes me physically ill"

pamzhills said...

Sorry guys, but this may be very good for the other 49 states. Yes, it's a sacrifice for Arizona. It just confirms what I believed all along - President-elect Obama is really a very bright person. And, it will only be for 8 years at the most.

Rene Gutel said...

I'm a reporter working on a piece about AZ reactions to Napolitano possibly leaving and I'd like to speak with you about this more. Please e-mail me at rene dot gutel at gmail dot com. thanks!