Monday, October 20, 2008

What? There are voting problems in Florida? Must be an even numbered-year.

Early voting started in Florida today, and there were problems from the very moment the polling places opened.

From -
Lines at Miami Beach City Hall Monday morning were the picture of unhappiness. News traveled fast among the 20 or so voters waiting at 7 a.m. that technical problems were slowing down voting. Some of the computers used to check in voters weren't working, though there were no problems with the optical scan machines used to count ballots.

''This is a typical Florida election,'' grumbled voter Mike Frank, wearing a black-and-white ''Barack is my homeboy'' T-shirt.

According to some reports on MSNBC, the problem was that some of the machines that read the magnetic strip on Florida drivers licenses (far and away the most common form of ID used in FL) didn't work. However, some did work, so all of the many voters who turned out had to go through one line, leading to long wait times, some in excess of 2 hours.

Problems with early voting will be something to keep an eye on, both in Florida and across the nation.

On the local front...according to Yvonne Reed of the Maricopa County Recorder's office, as yet no problems have been reported at the County's satellite voting locations.

As with the situation in Florida, this bears watching. If you are aware of any issues that impede or block voters from casting their ballots, contact either the Arizona Democratic Party at 602.298.4200 or your county party (Maricopa Dems - 602.498.0503). The election integrity folks at either place want to hear about any problems, whether with early voting or election day voting. They'll also be able to advise on an appropriate response.


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Elizabeth Rogers said...

I was just reading about Senator McCain and Florida.

This is just weird.