Friday, October 31, 2008

Republicans detouring through Bizarro World as the election draws near...

Edit on 11/2 to correct an error pointed out in a comment...

It all started on my way home from work tonight.

- First up was the radio spot for the Republican slate of candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission. The run of the mill Republicans in AZ don't think that they can kiss big business' butt fast enough or sloppily enough, yet Marian McClure, Barry Wong, and Bob Stump are running a radio ad touting themselves as "consumer-friendly."

At least they stuck to tried-and-true Republican form by calling the Democratic candidates (Sandra Kennedy, Paul Newman, and Sam George) "divisive." They squeezed in the term by prominently quoting the AZ Republic editorial that endorsed the Republican ACC ticket.

Umm...I've met and spoken at length to all three. The only folks who could consider them to be "divisive" are Republicans and editors who object to the idea of Democrats joining the historically Republican-dominated ACC.

- Second up was a news article in today's East Valley Tribune. Normally, Republicans try to portray themselves as the "God-friendly" candidates, but not today.

Carol Thompson, the wife of Republican LD17 candidate Mark Thompson, criticized Democratic incumbent state representative Ed Ableser for being too involved with religion. She objected to Ableser joining the the LDS faith of his fiancee, Hilary.

From the article, quoting an email from Mrs. Thompson -
"This guy has no idea what he is and shouldn’t be counseling kids.”

She seemed to be objecting to the idea of the change, not to Mormonism itself. Still, Mr. Thompson is probably glad that he's not running to represent Mesa. :)

- And then came the coup de grace.

The McCain campaign is running a spot touting lavish, nearly endorsement-level, praise from a prominent Democrat.

That Democrat?

Senator Barack Obama.

Yes, the same Barack Obama who has been called "that one", "socialist," "communist," "Muslim," "pro-terrorist", and worse by John McCain and his surrogates.

From the examples of McClure/Wong/Stump, Thompson, and McCain, it seems that even Republicans are admitting that the Republican brand has lost its luster.

BTW - Congratulations to Ed and his fiancee Hilary. May they have a long and joyous life together.



John said...

Craig, the Republicans didn't call them divisive. The Arizona Republic did. In fact, the paper slammed them.

Also, I think hiring lawyers to try to knock fellow Dem Kara Kelty off the ballot is divisive, as is forging documents to smear Napolitano (as Vagenas did, before he changed his name to George).

Thanks for sparking and allowing dialogue.

cpmaz said...

John -

Thanks for the comment and the compliment.

I heard the spot again, and it turns out you are correct - they were quoting the AZ Rep. I've corrected the post.