Thursday, October 09, 2008

Magazine covers?!? They're complaining about a magazine cover now??

The McCain/Palin campaign is crying "foul!" over the cover of the new issue of Newsweek. The issue features a story about Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin (hence the cover pic of her).

The photo is an unretouched close up of Alaska's governor that shows some of the "flaws" that anyone in their mid-40s has, and the handlers of the Rep candidates find that objectionable.

Apparently, they believe it's part of a scheme by Newsweek to influence the election. (It's all over Fox News, but I refuse to link to them. Use Google if you don't already have bookmarked.)

Wonder what they'll have to say about Equire Magazine's endorsement of Barack Obama, the first time in its history that the magazine has endorsed a presidential candidate? And how, on the cover of the issue proclaiming this momentous announcement, instead of a pic of Obama, they have a pic of Halle Berry, the subject of the issue's cover story - "The Sexiest Woman Alive"?

Note: The current cover (right) is a tribute to a classic cover with Bill Clinton from December 2000 (left).
Note2: While I always like an opportunity to poke a little fun at the Reps, this post is mostly just an excuse to put up a pic of Halle Berry. :)

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