Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am *so* going to miss Jack Harper

...after Robert Boehlke wins the LD4 Senate seat in November...

Being an active blogger, I'm on about half a zillion mailing lists. Yesterday, I received a press release from Solutions Through Higher Education, an organization created to educate people on the value of higher education to our economy and country.

They sent out a survey to each candidate for a seat in the legislature. 23 candidates responded, including State Senator Jack Harper (R-Surprise!).

The question asked in the survey was "As a member of the Arizona Legislature, just how would you address the higher education challenges facing both our state and nation?"

Most of the candidates talked about prioritizing, tuition costs and funding sources (for example, Sylvia Allen, Russell Pearce's friend from LD5, wants to dig up education $ by mining more copper).

The answers given tended to range from mind-numbingly generic campaign pap to deeply involved and well-thought out treatises on the subject. However, wherever particular answers fell within that range, they addressed the question.

Then I read Jack Harper's response.

Harper's response -
"Thank you for the opportunity to answer, but I completed every survey up to August 1st. Then I decided that I was finished. I hope to have your survey earlier next election.

He is *so* reliable.

He faced a strong primary challenge. He is facing a daunting general election challenge. And even if he does successfully retain his seat, he is facing the possibility of being in the minority party in the Lege.

Yet good ol' Jack can still find the time and energy to be unprofessional, arbitrary, and even simply snotty.

Since the rather "loquacious" JD Hayworth (meaning he never shut up :) ) was sent to the electoral showers in 2006 by Harry Mitchell, occasionally I had trouble coming up with material for this blog.

Jack was always there to bail me out. :))

Perhaps it was his habit as chair of the Senate Government Committee of berating witnesses who disagreed with his predetermined position on a bill.

Perhaps it was his days of criticizing U.S. Congressman Harry Mitchell for the conditions at the *state* veterans' home.

Maybe it was his violations of the Senate's written rules of procedure and written and unwritten rules of decorum to kill Democratic measures or railroad through Republican ones.

Perhaps it was even ideas such as his bill to open up all primaries to registered Republicans while limiting voters registered in other parties to their own party's primary.

Whatever form it took though, Jack could be depended on to sweep away any writer's block.

Robert Boehlke will be a rational, professional and dedicated legislator for LD4; unfortunately, he won't provide anywhere near as much as subject material.

My loss. LD4's gain.



SynchroSK8 said...

Robert Boehlke is doing his best to oust Crazy Jacko! I saw his mobile sign the other day while driving through surprise - I think his camp has posted pictures on his site and also I congratulate Boehlke on his endorsement from AG Terry Goddard and the AZ Republic

No wuss Diva said...

You are so right- it will be hard to find good fodder when Jack Harper loses, but not impossible!

We still have Pearce and Weiers and Burges!