Sunday, October 26, 2008 disses Harry Mitchell's challenger

Well, at least they got Harry Mitchell's name right...

On the heels of a telephone poll last week where I had to help the caller pronounce Schweikert's name correctly comes this gem from (emphasis mine) -
AZ 5: Harry Mitchell (D) is just too popular with his district to be replaced by is [sic] Republican opponent David Schleicher...

In the face of the McCain campaign's meltdown, Schweikert and the other R candidates for Congress just aren't gettting much love...not that I'm complaining. :)

But to not even get his name right???

Anyway, another indicator of Fox News' journalistic standards soon followed. From the same AZ CD5 blurb (again, emphasis mine) -
... But Mitchell is still a political novice and could misstep...

Ummm...Harry Mitchell isn't even a novice when compared to John McCain, and McCain is older than Methuselah

A brief refresher course for Fox News -

Eight years on the Tempe City Council.

16 years as Mayor of Tempe.

Eight years in the AZ State Senate.

Two years in Congress.

28 years teaching high school in Tempe.

A freakin' 30-something foot statues of him in the middle of Tempe.

"Political novice"???

They wish...


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