Friday, October 03, 2008

Endorsements and canvasses

Ahhh....Autumn in an even-numbered year...

...Leaves turning, filling our vision with a palette of colors (OK, in non-AZ parts of the country :) )...

...The Cardinals finding ever-more painful ways to lose football games, filling our living rooms and sports bars with cries of anguish and derision...

...People walking and knocking, filling our hearing with words of this candidate or that ballot question...

...Newspapers and mailers covering our fingers with ink. crowing about endorsements...

Either temps are dropping, or early ballots are hitting mailboxes this week.

Whatever the cause, the lists of both endorsements and scheduled canvasses this week are getting longer by the minute.

The AZ Republic released its endorsements in LDs 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 (aka - the East Valley). That list looks less like they seriously considered the merits of each candidate and more like they wanted only to hedge their bets.

In all of the districts except for LD19, they split their support, selecting one member of one party and two of the other party.

Now, personally, I think that if the Rep actually cared about the interests of the districts and the state, they should have endorsed all Democrats...but I'm a self-admitted partisan hack. :)

In other words, I may not agree with all of their endorsements, but they have the right to endorse any candidate they choose, and for any reason.

However, partisan hack or not, I have to take exception to two of their snubs - Tammie Pursley in LD18 and Ed Ableser in LD17.

Apparently, they preferred Cecil Ash over Pursley because of his moderate (by LD18 standards, anyway), pro-business position on illegal immigration. Apparently, they ignored the fact that is the only issue on which Ash is remotely 'moderate.' He is active with United Families International, a far-right AZ-based organization that works to "support traditional families" by things like opposing radical UN initiatives such as the UN Conventions on Women's Rights and Children's Rights (the conventions oppose hallmarks of the traditional family structure like forced marriage of children and gender-selective infanticide.)

Tammie Pursley may be focused on education, but she has the intelligence and the work ethic to learn, contribute and lead on other issues as AZ moves into into the 21st century.

Ash will just serve as a chain dragging Arizona back to the 19th century.

As for Ed Ableser, the Rep's editors criticized him for being too partisan in supporting efforts to assist Corona del Sol High School with its air quality issues.


In a session that saw some of the most underhanded tactics from the Republican caucus in the lege *against* ideas and people they don't like, (such as Sen. Jack Harper's work to kill a texting-while-driving ban and to railroad the anti-same sex marriage constitutional amendment on to November's ballot) they're criticizing a Democrat for fighting *for* his constituents?

Bit of a credibility gap there.

In other endorsement news,

...Congressman Harry Mitchell has endorsed Bob Lord, the candidate whose challenge in CD3 has incumbent Republican John Shadegg running scared (witness his vote in favor of the bailout bill)

...The AZ Rep has endorsed Democrat Tim Nelson for Maricopa County Attorney. Supporters of Andrew Thomas will undoubtedly point out the fact that Thomas didn't seek the Rep's endorsement. They will also undoubtedly ignore the fact that even Thomas knew better than to even bother after his abortive attempt to intimidate critics in the press into silence. The editors of the Rep don't seem to have forgotten the harassment, investigation and arrests of journalists from the Phoenix New Times.

...The endorsements issued by the Maricopa County GOP in the nonpartisan race for the Maricopa Integrated Health System board seems to have upset some of the snubbed candidates, most of whom are long-time Republicans. It seems that most of them didn't even *know* that endorsements were even being considered.

Should make for a fun time at the MCGOP's next organizing meeting after the election (probably sometime in January.)

As for canvasses this weekend...

...Governor Janet Napolitano will be in the East Valley on Saturday, walking and knocking with dozens (hundreds?? hint, hint :)) ) of enthusiastic volunteers.

First, at 8:30 a.m. join the Governor and State Senator Meg Burton-Cahill, State Representative Ed Ableser, and State Representative David Schapira at the Tempe coordinated campaign headquarters at 123 E. Baseline in Tempe. The office phone number is 480-820-2298.

After that at 9:30 a.m., the Governor will be making a stop in LD21 in Chandler to help Phil Hettmansperger. Meet up at Pima Park, 625 N. McQueen Dr. Chandler (East side of McQueen Rd, between Ray Rd. and Chandler Blvd.) Contact Darcy at the Tempe office at 480-820-2298.

...Ed Hermes, candidate for County Supervisor in District 1, will be holding a canvass in LD20 with Tim Nelson, Ted Maish (candidate for State Senate), and Rae Waters (State House) on Sunday, October 5. The walk is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. Contact the campaign at ed[at] or 480-234-1753.

...In LD18, Judah Nativio and Tammie Pursley will be busy this weekend. Contact them at or

...In LD8 and LD7, contact the Scottsdale coordinated campaign office located at 7950 E Acoma Dr. at 480-607-4435. Candidates Stephanie Rimmer (LD8), Jeanne Lunn (LD7), Joel Sinclaire (County Supervisor SD2) and Marilyn Fox (SD3) as well as Congressman Harry Mitchell all need your help.


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