Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Early results are trickling in...

And they are *very* early results; in many cases, the numbers represent early voting results (EV) or EV results and just a few precincts.

The guaranteed winner for "Best Sense Of Humor" is Republican CD5 candidate Jim Ogsbury (and I'm not being sarcastic when I say that), According to PolitickerAZ, earlier this evening, the Ogsbury campaign sent out a press release proclaiming his victory.

Oh no, not in the CD5 primary, but in the race for Republican PC in Paiute precinct in LD17.

Something about being unopposed and having enough signatures. :))

...On to early results...

In Scottsdale, with 39 of 87 precincts reporting (and I think these numbers include EV totals) -

For mayor, challenger Jim Lane is leading incumbent Mary Manross 12,671 to 12,488. If the race stays that close and write-in candidate Bill Crawford receives enough votes, that one could go to a November run-off.

In the contest for the three available seats on the City Council -

Lisa Borowsky - 8980
Joel BramOweth - 4607
Oren Davis - 4186
Betty Drake - 10638
Tom Giller - 6643
Suzanne Klapp - 10003
Ron McCullagh - 11278
Nan Nesvig - 6626

Based on these early results, expect at least two, if not all three seats, to go to a November run-off.

For further updates, click on the appropriate link on the City of Scottsdale election results page.

...On to early Maricopa County results, courtesy the Maricopa County Recorder's election results page...

In the Democratic race for County Attorney, Tim Nelson holds a commanding lead over Gerald Richard, 58636 to 29458, 766 of 1142 precincts reporting. The winner goes on to challenge incumbent Republican Andrew Thomas in November.

In the Republican race for County Assessor, Keith Russell holds a strong lead over Kevin Ross, 77212 to 62813, 766 of 1142 precincts reporting. The winner will take the office, as there is no Democratic candidate.

In Congressional and state legislative races...

In the Republican primary in CD5, 191 of 248 precincts reporting, David Schweikert is holding a slim lead over Susan Bitter Smith, 11560 to 10690. The other candidates are trailing significantly, with Mark Anderson at 5064, Jim Ogsbury at 4342, Laura Knaperek at 5946, and Lee Gentry at 582.

In the LD4 Rep primary for state senate, incumbent Jack Harper is breezing to victory over challenger John Zerby 13448 to 5783, 59 of 80 precincts reporting.

In the hotly-contested Republican primary for the LD18 seat in the state senate, nativist Russell Pearce appears to be winning easily over Kevin Gibbons, 4978 to 2296, 38 of 51 precincts reporting.

Over in the LD18 Republican primary for state representative, Cecil Ash is leading with 4651 votes, followed by Steve Court at 3069, Ron Middlebrook at 2944 and Kanani Henderson at 1512.

In the CD6 Democratic primary, in something of a surprise, Rebecca Schneider is trouncing Chris Gramazio (who was endorsed by the AZ Republic) 13817 to 4719, 219 out of 259 precincts reporting.

In the Democratic primary for Corporation Commission, Sandra Kennedy and Paul Newman look like they will be moving on to the general election, receiving 117764 and 99205 votes respectively. Sam George holds a slim lead over Kara Kelty for the third slot, 85262 to 79280. However, almost no votes from Pima County have been tallied as yet, and Pima has the second most polling places in the state, behind Maricopa County.

In the Republican primary for Corporation Commission, Marian McClure and Bob Stump look like they will be moving on, with Barry Wong and John Allen jockeying for the third slot. Same caveat about Pima County numbers as above.

The AZ Secretary of State's results page can be found here.

I'll try to update tomorrow, particularly on the too-close-to-call mayoral race in Scottsdale.


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