Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mark Anderson - short on campaign $ or victim of dirty trick?

I wish I'd had a camera with me, but didn't, so I can't post a pic (but hope that someone else does), but today I passed a couple of yard sign-sized signs for Mark Anderson. I'm not sure if they were old signs, but all they had on them was his name ("Mark Anderson" of course), his party ("Republican") and his website ("markandersonaz.com".)

Nothing else, like one important detail - the office that he's running for (U.S. Congress, for those of you reading this from some place not named Arizona.)

BTW - "markandersonaz.com"?? That comes back as a dead website.

I didn't recognize that site; I thought Anderson's campaign site was "letsmakecongressbetter.com" or something like that.

Well, that didn't take long to check, and it turns out that his current campaign site *is* www.letsmakecongressbetter.com.

It didn't take long to check out the website on the sign, either. Turns out that "markandersonaz.com" is his old campaign site from the 2001 - 2006 era.

Hmmmm....either someone found some of Anderson's old signs and decided to "help" him out by putting them up with a bad website on them, or the Anderson campaign is short on cash and it trying to stretch its available resources.

Given that his most recent campaign finance report showed that his cash on hand was at less than $70K (PDF of the report at the link), I'm leaning toward "stretching resources".

Even if he makes it through the Republican primary (which admittedly doesn't look very likely at this point), he may not have the resources for the general election campaign against Harry Mitchell.


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