Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mail Call

The first "mail call" post of the 2008 election season will be a brief one.

Official candidate publicity pamplets are starting to reach voters across the state.

...The first to hit mailboxes in Scottsdale was the City of Scottsdale's candidate information pamphlet (.pdf available here). That one showed up late last week, and it's pretty straightforward.

...Reaching town today was the Clean Elections Commission's "2008 Statewide & Legislative Candidate Statements - Primary Election" brochure (.pdf available here).

That one was a little more interesting. Where the Scottsdale candidates used their statements as a platform for a "why you should vote for me" message, Mark Thompson, one of the Republican challengers, spent most of his statement attacking the Democratic incumbents, David Schapira and Ed Ableser. He criticized them for being young (no children or grandchildren), for being teachers (not business owners) and for, of all the crazy things for a Republican to criticize someone over, for being too fiscally responsible.

From his statement -
"Government should not be allowed to indebt future generations to avoid being responsible and accountable today."

Of course, Thompson may only be worried about Democratic measures to balance a budget, something that George Bush and his fellow Republicans obviously don't worry about. Thompson gives Republicans a free pass for creating the deficits both state and federal in the first place, with their tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

Another curious aspect of the statements of Thompson and Wes Waddle, the other Republican running in the district, is that neither one mentions Tempe, Scottsdale, or LD17 in the statement.

You know, the place that they allegedly want to represent.

Both Schapira and Ableser, as well as the incumbent State Senator Meg Burton Cahill (D), did write about their efforts in representing the district down at the state lege.

Her challenger, Republican Jesse Hernandez, didn't make the same omission in his statement.

Of course, that's only because he didn't submit any statement at all.


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