Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Short Attention Span Musing -candidates edition (Redux)

I know that I just did one of these, but the campaigns have provided a wealth of material to work with in the last few days that another one is warranted...

...Maybe she should look a little closer to home for the source of the trouble...

From PolitickerAZ:
Bitter Smith accuses Mitchell campaign of push polling

AZ-5 Republican primary candidate and Arizona cable industry lobbyist Susan Bitter Smith is charging that the campaign of U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-Tempe) has been "push polling" in the 5th Congressional District - a charge the Mitchell campaign denies.

"Reports have surfaced that the Mitchell campaign has initiated a push pull [sic] in the District specifically targeting Susan," read a press release put out by the Bitter Smith campaign.

Her campaign has been asked by PolitickerAZ to produce a recipient of one of these calls, but they have not done so as yet. Assuming that this alleged push poll is real, one should remember that Ms. Bitter Smith is in a six-way primary fight.

That's six people with more incentive than Harry Mitchell to do this (yes, that includes the inimitable Ms. Bitter Smith herself).

Self-promotion time - less than a week ago, I predicted that this race (CD5 Rep primary) would get dirty.

I'd gloat more, but even I have to admit making that prediction was as difficult, and risky, as predicting a sunny day in Arizona.

...Guess Shadegg hasn't figured out that elections can only be lost in D.C., not won there.

Veterans in his district (and all over the country!) are receiving inadequate medical care, a chunk of his district is scared of the water coming out of their taps, and skyrocketing energy costs are destroying the budgets of working- and middle-class families all over the country, so how does he respond to the needs of his constituents?

By introducing H.R. 6274, a bill to provide legal cover for the Bush Administration and its kangaroo courts (aka military tribunals) and its permanent detention without trial or even evidence in the face of last week's Supreme Court decision granting habeas corpus rights to detainees at Guantanamo.

Shadegg press release here.

Just speculating here, but I have to wonder if he is starting to write off the November election and is planning/hoping/praying for a job in a McCain administration.

...Maybe the McCainiacs should see if the rights to "Running On Empty" are available...


New Hampshire picked up McCain in the 2000 Republican primary and stayed true to him in 2008. It was fitting, then, that McCain concluded a Nashua event yesterday with the 1976 Orleans' hit celebration of monogamy, "Still the One."

It was 'fitting' until the song's co-writer, and current progressive Democratic Congressman from New York, John Hall, spoke up, objecting to its use.

You know, while the songwriter of "Running On Empty", Jackson Browne, is known for being fairly liberal himself, he might approve the use of his song by the McCain campaign.

It's totally appropriate - they've got nothing left in the tank.


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