Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Short Attention Span Musing - candidates edition

...I wish it wasn't so, but it's starting early on the Democratic side, too...

According to an email from the Kelty for Corporation Commission campaign, her supporters have been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from the 'Signature Verification Department" and asking all sorts of strange questions.

Needless to say, the calls are fraudulent. If you receive one of these calls, try to do the following:

1. Record the call if you can.
2. If you can, make a note of any caller ID number that shows up.
3. Ask the caller for their name and make a note of it.
4. Calmly ask the caller who they work for. If they refuse to answer ask that they have a supervisor call you and refuse to answer any of their questions.
5. Email the campaign at michelle@karakelty.com with the time and date of the call and name of the person who called you.

...That wild and crazy kid Susie! Always has to be the "special" one...

From The Politico via CBS News -
In an election cycle that has most everyone running away from lobbyists, Arizona Republican Susan Bitter Smith is something of a novelty: She’s running for Congress while also lobbying it.

Specifically, she set up meetings between executives of Cox Communications and Arizona Congressmen Ed Pastor and Harry Mitchell.

Yes, the same Harry Mitchell whose job she is after.

As Jennifer Duffy, senior editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, who was quoted in the article, said "she has never heard of a candidate actively lobbying 'who wasn’t a local elected official who was lobbying as part of their job...' "

Maybe she thinks it's a good way to stand out in the crowded Republican field in CD5, but something tells me that the Republican grassroots don't have much more use for industry lobbyist than the Democratic grassroots.

...Maybe he's trying to get the vote of Karen Johnson or Russell Pearce - too bad they don't live in CD5.

From the EV Tribune -
Former Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert is putting on a campaign fundraiser Thursday at the Scottsdale Gun Club, which will include time on the facility's tactical range.

Firearm rentals and ammunition are included in the $150 reception fee.

For an extra $600, supporters get to shoot automatic weapons during a special reception featuring National Rifle Association past president Sandra Froman.

Song *least* likely to be on the Club's sound system during the event - Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Gimme Your Money Please."

From the lyrics -
And a dirty mean man with a shotgun in his hand
He said, "Gimme your money please."
He said, "Gimme your money please."

[Hah! Top that for an obscure but totally appropriate 70's musical reference! LOL]

Anyway, all event attendees should be aware that while Scottsdale Healthcare just opened a new hospital not too far from the Gun Club on Thompson Peak Parkway (5.7 miles), the Shea campus of Scottsdale Healthcare is more than 2 miles closer (3.3 miles away).

Even better news is that the Club is less than two miles away from the EMTs of the Scottsdale Fire Department's Station 609.

Just in case backslapping and glad-handing don't mix with automatic weapons...


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