Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rejected Campaign Slogans From CD5

Time for a couple of posts worth of smack talk...this is the gentle one. :)

BTW - this concept is shamelessly stolen borrowed from the Arizona Report...

From the trash baskets of the various Republican candidates in CD5 who are competing for the chance to take on Harry Mitchell -

Lee Gentry - "Don't think of it as zero name recognition, think of it as low negatives."

Jim Ogsbury - "The 'legislator to lobbyist' career track historically leads to corruption; going from lobbyist to legislator means the opposite, right?

Mark Anderson - " 'Really Conservative But Sane*' * = when compared to some of the other state legislators from LD18"

Susan Bitter Smith - "That Darn Ogsbury! He beat me into the race, and he beat me to that slogan!"

Laura Knaperek - "I've lost to Harry twice already and my friends lost to his son for Tempe City Council earlier this year, but I can beat him this time. I promise."

David Schweikert - "It may have been only a county gig, but at least I wasn't indicted, sued, or faced possible disbarrment because of the way that I performed my duties."


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