Wednesday, June 04, 2008

OK, sigs are in, and the races are set...

well, set pending verification of the sigs and any challenges...

Major races (Maricopa County, Mesa/Scottsdale/Tempe and statewide) contested by candidates from both major parties only. Many offices have Libertarian or Green candidates, but until one of those candidates garners enough support to make a difference in an election, I'm not going to waste space -

For County offices -

County Attorney -

Gerald Richard, Democrat. 2338 sigs required, 5186 submitted.

Tim Nelson, Democrat. 2338 sigs required, 5544 submitted.

Andrew Thomas, Republican. 3165 sigs required, 6518 submitted.

County Sheriff -

Dan Saban, Democrat. 2338 sigs required, 9071 submitted.

Joe Arpaio, Republican. 3165 sigs required, 12853 submitted.

Board of Supervisors, District 1 -

Ed Hermes, Democrat. 482 sigs required, 1254 submitted.

Fulton Brock, Republican. 712 sigs required, 1583 submitted.

Board of Supervisors, District 2 -

Joel Sinclaire, Democrat. 389 sigs required, 666 submitted.

Don Stapley, Republican. 794 sigs required, 1733 submitted.

Board of Supervisors, District 3 -

Marilyn Fox, Democrat. 449 sigs required, 975 submitted.

Andrew Kunasek, Republican. 617 sigs required, 2837 submitted.

The incumbents in Supervisor Districts 4 and 5, Max Wilson (R) and Mary Rose Wilcox (D) respectively, will be running without opposition.

For State and Congressional offices -

CD5 -

Harry Mitchell, Democrat. 463 signatures required, 1486 submitted.

Mark Anderson, Republican. 683 signatures required, 1647 submitted.

Susan Bitter Smith, Republican. 683 signatures required, 1349 submitted.

Lee Gentry, Republican. 683 signatures required, 1352 submitted.

Laura Knaperek, Republican. 683 signatures required, 1795 submitted.

Jim Ogsbury, Republican. 683 signatures required, 3390 submitted.

David Schweikert, Republican. 683 signatures required, 2078 submitted.

Note - Perhaps in a surprise to everyone outside the Gentry household, the heretofore semi-mythical Lee Gentry's candidacy is for real. He even gathered more sigs than longtime Scottsdale pol Susan Bitter Smith.

CD6 -

Chris Gramazio, Democrat. 494 signatures required, 695 submitted.

Rebecca Schneider, Democrat. 494 signatures required, 863 submitted.

Scott Bergren, Republican. 922 signatures required, 1029 submitted.

Jeff Flake, Republican. 922 signatures required, 2860 submitted.

Note - Wow! Jeff Flake is facing a primary challenger running at him from the right, and it *isn't* Russell Pearce? Who would have guessed that this time last year? Hell, who would have guessed that someone would even *think* of running against the ultraconservative Flake, while trying to portray him as 'not conservative enough'?

LD8 State Senate -

Carolyn Allen, Republican. 527 signatures required, 812 submitted.

Note - Senator Allen is apparently running unopposed in both the primary and general elections.

LD17 State Senate -

Meg Burton Cahill, Democrat. 253 signatures required, 754 submitted.

Jesse Hernandez, Republican. 245 signatures required, 425 submitted.

LD18 State Senate -

Judah Nativio, Democrat. 149 signatures required, 258 submitted.

Kevin Gibbons, Republican. 245 signatures required, 362 submitted.

Russell Pearce, Republican. 245 signatures required, 733 submitted.

Note - At 733 signatures, Russell Pearce submitted the maximum number.

LD8 State Representative -

Stephanie Rimmer, Democrat. 256 signatures required, 599 submitted.

John Kavanagh, Republican. 527 signatures required, 920 submitted.

Michelle Reagan, Republican. 527 signatures required, 1327 submitted.

LD17 State Representative -

Ed Ableser, Democrat. 253 signatures required, 715 submitted.

David Schapira, Democrat. 253 signatures required, 757 submitted.

Mark Thompson, Republican. 245 signatures required, 370 submitted.

Wes Waddle, Republican. 245 signatures required, 451 submitted.

Note - at 757 signatures, David Schapira subitted the maximum allowed.

LD18 State Representative -

Tammie Pursley, Democrat. 149 signatures required, 290 submitted.

Cecil Ash, Republican. 245 signatures required, 733 submitted.

Steve Court, Republican. 245 signatures required, 536 submitted.

Kanani Henderson, Republican. 245 signatures required, 392 submitted.

Ron Middlebrook, Republican. 245 signatures required, 320 submitted.

Note - at 733 signatures, Cecil Ash submitted the maximum number allowed.

Corporation Commission -

Sam George, Democrat. 4580 signatures required, 13915 submitted.

Kara Kelty, Democrat. 4580 signatures required, 7172 submitted.

Sandra Kennedy, Democrat. 4580 signatures required, 8343 submitted.

Paul Newman, Democrat. 4580 signatures required, 9314 submitted.

John Allen, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 6757 submitted.

Rick Fowlkes, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 7741 submitted.

Joseph Hobbs, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 7539 submitted.

Marian McClure, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 6697 submitted.

Bob Robson, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 9700 submitted.

Bob Stump, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 9154 submitted.

Keith Swapp, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 6811 submitted.

Barry Wong, Republican. 5184 signatures required, 7700 submitted.

Note - According to a note on his campaign website, George Arredondo suspended his campaign because he couldn't get enough sigs.

And finally, for Scottsdale municipal offices, courtesy an email from City Clerk Carolyn Jagger, forwarded to me by Sonnie of COGS, [note added by me] -

The following candidates for City Council filed nomination papers and petitions [1652 signatures required for all offices] :

Lisa Borowsky (3,323 signatures)
Joel Bramoweth (2,208 signatures)
Oren Davis (2,445 signatures)
Betty Drake (2,691 signatures)
Tom Giller (2,268 signatures)
Suzanne Klapp (2,672 signatures)
Ron McCullagh (2,481 signatures)
Nan Nesvig (2,599 signatures)

The following candidates for Mayor filed nomination papers and petitions:

W.J. "Jim" Lane (2,484 signatures)
Mary Manross (3,291 signatures)

Write-In Candidates: John Washington filed papers to run for as a write-in candidate for Mayor.

You know, for what is essentially a 'cut and paste' post, this post took a lot of work. Back to quick and snarky after this... :))


Richard said...

We in CD-06 are pretty excited about having a Democratic primary, especially after not being able to vote for a Democratic opponent to out-of-step Jeff Flake in 2004 & 2006.

Even if Flake manages to win -- and he's got nearly a million in his PAC -- I suspect that he's so extreme (yet not bigoted or nativist enough for the GOP radicals in this state) that it would be hard for him to win a statewide election.

Flake is incredibly ambitious, but he's not liked by his fellow Republicans in Congress and often is one of a tiny minority of 1-30 GOP representatives who votes no when they're all voting yes along with the Democrats. If McCain gets elected, look for Flake to resign and take an appointive position.

You didn't mention the estimable Republican challenger to Rep. Ed Pastor in the Fourth C.D.,
Don Karg. Check out his MySpace videos for a laugh.

cpmaz said...

I've seem Mr. Karg in action before, during the 2006 election cycle.

This is what I wrote about him after seeing him at a candidate forum in September, 2006 -

"Don Karg, the Republican running against Rep. Ed Pastor in CD4, was ummm....."unique."

The high point of his presentation was when at the beginning of his opening statement when he delayed his speech to walk around handing out some copies of articles and letters he had written (I didn't get one, so I don't know for sure what it was.)

It was the high point because he wasn't speaking.

He said that it was his fourth time running for Congress, but it was hard to tell. He speaking style was mumbling combined with rambling. The only position that espoused that I clearly heard is that he wants to build a wall at the border and to arm the border.

The rest of his presentation would have fit better in an argument in an alcoholic-filled dive bar on a slow afternoon than in this room.

He had the audience laughing, but it was a laugh "at" situation, not a laugh "with." "

The whole post is here -

Richard said...

That's a terrific report on the Tempe temple 2006 candidate forum: more informative, if also opinionated than the newspaper article.

The comment after it from Don Karg is virtually incomprehensible, like the writings of Russell Pearce I've seen. He seems to be saying that he wanted the Jewish community to know that he's been working on ethnic cleansing in California, I think.

Apparently he lied about getting a bachelor's degree from Ohio University, but I think that lie is still on his website.

I suspect his petitions contain so many invalid signatures that if challenged, he would be off the ballot. It's not that easy to find Republicans in that C.D., and I can't imagine that he was able to get enough valid signatures.

I am familiar with New York State's petitioning process, in which it's de rigeur to challenge one's opponent's petitions. New York State is the capital of election signature challenges, and back in the 1980s I had a friend at Dewey, Ballantine (Gov. Dewey's old law firm) who did nothing but ballot signature challenges and made an excellent living doing so.

I used to get 50 cents a name (which was illegal) to get signatures when I was a kid for campaigns such as the Libertarian party or a very bizarre perennial candidate, millionaire parking-lot magnate Abe Hirschfeld, who was at one point treasurer of the state Democratic party. He ran for everything from the U.S. Senate to Manhattan Borough President, and he was extremely eccentric, though also extremely generous. (When my first book came out in 1979, he bought 30 copies!)

He finally got elected to office as a Miami Beach city councilmember in the 1980s, when I was living there. He was best known for an incident where he repeatedly spat at a Miami Herald reporter after she asked him questions he didn't want to answer.

Later he surfaced as the owner of the New York Post for about two weeks and I think he eventually was convicted of something.

I love politics.

interested voter said...

LD18 WATCH OUT for Cecil Ash. No morals, ethics or for that fact, leadership except to lead your dollar to his pocket. Unscrupulous deviant.