Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Andy Thomas needs a refresher course in election law...

...and that refresher should cover both the academic and practical aspects...

Andrew Thomas, the embattled Maricopa County Attorney, appears to be committing a campaign faux pas by having one of his deputies stump for him.

From the website of the LD8 Republicans (emphasis theirs)-

Don’t miss this month’s program!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
and representing Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas,
Rachel Alexander, Deputy County Attorney
will discuss the latest immigration issues.

I know that the appearance will be spun as a "non-campaign" activity but it's an appearance with one candidate (Arpaio), on behalf of another candidate (Thomas), in front of a partisan group (LD8 Reps) during an election year (2008). They might call it "non-campaign" or "public outreach" or something similar, but it looks and smells like a partisan campaign activity.

Perhaps the appearance by Ms. Alexander would more easily pass the 'sniff test' if she was billed as "Representing the Maricopa County Attorney's Office" instead of as representing Thomas personally.

[Note - In the event that the LD8 Reps wise up and change their webpage, I have a copy of the original. If you want a copy, just leave a comment with your email and I'll be happy to send it to you.]

Even if he gets away with it (and he will - who's going to call Thomas on a campaign violation? The Republican Maricopa County Recorder? The Republican-controlled Maricopa County Board of Supervisors? The Republican Arizona Secretary of State? They're not likely to make one of their own follow the rules...), this appearance by Ms. Alexander on behalf of Thomas highlights another, perhaps more important, campaign faux pas -

In a year when Thomas is facing two (not one, but TWO!) strong challengers for the job of Maricopa County Attorney (thank you Gerald Richard and Tim Nelson), Andy Thomas isn't even showing up.

Not a good start in what is going to be a tough year for Republicans, even those who run solid campaigns...

Ms. Alexander has been flacking for Thomas for a while, as can be seen from this article written by her, as well as this one and this bio from a conservative website. Ambitious she; apparently she's trying to become the next Ann Coulter.

I'm not really sure that even Andrew Thomas' coattails can carry her that far down. :))


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