Sunday, May 25, 2008

The John Sydney McCain Memorial Crappie Award

When I retired the "Sunday Morning Crappie Award," and created the JS McCain Memorial Crappie Award, it was with the expectation that McCain wouldn't receive the award that is named after him.

To put it simply, the award was named after him because he was hogging it anyway, and others deserve their day of infamy.

However, he outdid himself this week and dragged someone else down with him; as such, he, together with George W. Bush, have earned the first joint J.S. McCain Memorial Crappie Award.

First the flip - John "I support the troops" McCain opposes the new G. I. Bill with its education benefits for veterans who have served since 9/11.

As does Bush, the commander-in-chief of the troops.

Then the flop - McCain suffers the humiliation of having to relocate and downsize a fundraiser with the President ($25K per couple!), in his own home state. Something about too many protesters and too few tickets sold.

Awwwww....I feel *so* bad for our John...really. Trust me. :))

And the hypocritical tie that binds the two, flip and flop, is that Johnny Mac moved his public appearance with Bush from downtown Phoenix to the Mesa site of a defense contractor, Silverado Cable Company. The fundraising part of the event will now take place in a private home instead of the Phoenix Convention Center.

So, within a week of turning his back on the people who put their lives on the line for the war that Bush started and he supports, McCain plans to party down with people who make a profit from the sacrifices made by America's troops.

And Bush will be standing right next to him.

And for that rather acrobatic flip-flop, both John McCain and George W. Bush win an unprecedented joint John Sydney McCain Memorial Crappie Award.

Maybe instead of saying that McCain is 'flip-flopping', it would be more accurate to call it 'flip and flipping off'...

The ever-wise Desert Beacon has awarded her weekly Sunday Deck Bass to McCain, for reasons that include his opposition to the G. I. Bill.

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Zelph said...

Be sure to tune in to our roast of Senator John McCain on KPHX 1480AM from 2-4pm today. This ain't no Texas barbeque!