Friday, May 23, 2008

Bush is coming to town for McCain - Updated

Thanks to Zelph for the comment and the info on McBush's change of plans...

Update -

Due to poor ticket sales and the expectation that protesters would outnumber event attendees, the event at the Phoenix Convention Center has been moved to as-yet-undisclosed private residences in the metro Phoenix area. (courtesy the Phoenix Business Journal)

Of course, with a price tag of $25K per couple, what did they expect? The economy is tanking (so most people can't afford that price) and most Americans are still pissed about Bush's war in Iraq and have something to protest.

As of right now, the ADP's plans for Tuesday are in flux. Expect an email from them shortly detailing any changes (like a new time and location for a protest/rally).

End update (for now :) )

The big event -

Tuesday, May 27 - George W. Bush is coming to town to raise money for John McCain, and the Arizona Democrats are welcoming them both to AZ.

Colorfully. :)

Loudly. :))

The Bush/McCain event will be at the Phoenix Convention Center, 2nd. Ave. and Washington in Phoenix.

Meet at the event, or, if you don't want to fight downtown traffic (and between rush hour traffic and presidential security, it's going to be seriously snarled), the ADP will have shuttles from the ADP's headquarters at Central and Thomas starting at 3 p.m.

To RSVP or to get more info, contact the ADP at 602-234-6815.


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Zelph said...

Bush/McCain have turned tail and run. Please see update here.