Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Election Day in Tempe

Today is Election Day in Tempe. The only race on the ballot is the race to fill two seats on the City Council.

Polling places can be found here; election results will be available on Tempe's elections home page here.

Tempe voters -

Today is the last chance to vote for Corey Woods and Joel Navarro for the council; if you haven't already voted early or by mail (and my guess is that most voters have already cast their ballots), make sure you visit your polling place today.

Also, anyone who wants to assist the campaigns should contact Zac Casey of the Corey Woods campaign at 480-748-7194 or Tony Butch of the Joel Navarro campaign at 480-296-1732. Even though time is winding down, they'll still be grateful for any help (plus maybe they'll give you the info on the election night parties :)) ).


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