Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congratulations Corey Woods and Joel Navarro!

In Tempe, the unofficial results are in (and with the usual caveats about 'unofficial' results), Corey Woods and Joel Navarro have won the two remaining contested seats, joining March's winner, incumbent Mark Mitchell, on the Tempe City Council.

Voter turnout was low, 22% (15,098 ballots cast out of 69,698 registered voters), but that is very normal for this sort of stand-alone municipal election.

Navarro received 7455 votes (27.2%); Woods 7098 (25.9%). Julie Jakubek and Hut Hutson, the other two candidates, received 6608 (24.1%) and 6221 (22.7%) votes, respectively.

The day at the polling places was a quiet one, for a reason other than the low turnout.

Of the ballots cast, over 83%, or 12,579, were cast early or by mail.

More later....

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