Friday, April 04, 2008

Candidate Update - Arizona Corporation Commission

Edit on 4/7 to correct a mistake in candidate Barry Wong's bio info - he did not run for Maricopa County Treasurer. My apologies to Mr. Wong for the error.

Over the last couple of days, Greg at Espresso Pundit and Tedski at Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion put up posts detailing the rumored entries of new candidates for the already-crowded race for the three open seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In addition to the names mentioned by one or both of my esteemed blogging colleagues (Democrats Paul Newman and Sam George, neither of whom has a committee for the race listed on the AZ Secretary of State's website as yet), here are the known candidates -


Sandra Kennedy

Kara Kelty

George Arredondo

Notes - Arredondo is a former City Councilman in Coolidge, Kelty is a member of the Flagstaff City Council, Kennedy is a former state legislator (both House and Senate). Newman is a former legislator and current Cochise County Supervisor. George is a former candidate for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD). I wrote about this a year and a half ago, and what I said then still holds true - George's name makes for a profoundly lousy search term. Based on a comment from my original CAWCD post, he was an assistant Secretary of State (AZ) for a while.

All three Democrats with active committees (Kennedy, Kelty, and Arredondo) are running as Clean Elections Candidates. (Full list here)

Note to any Democratic candidates - if/when you put up a website, email a link to cpmaz[at] I'll be happy to add the link to my list of candidate links.


Barry Wong

Bob Robson

Rick Fowlkes

Marian McClure

Bob Stump

Joseph Hobbs

John Allen

Keith Swapp

Notes - Swapp, Fowlkes, and Hobbs are running as one slate (website here); current state reps Stump, McClure, and Robson are running as another. Wong is a former state rep and a former appointed member of the ACC (last half of 2006). Allen is a former state rep from Scottsdale.

McClure, Stump, and Robson are running as traditional candidates; the other Republicans are running Clean.



Ladybug said...

According to the AZ Sec of State website: Paul Newman filed to run on April 4th and Sam George filed on April 9th.

Makifat said...

Thanks for this info (I'm filling out my early voting ballot). Has Arredondo dropped out? His name isn't on my ballot.

cpmaz said...

makifat - yup, George Arredondo dropped out. He had problems gathering sigs.

laurie said...

According to the Arizona Daily Star today, in 2004 Paul Newman was restricted from using his county vehicle following a traffic stop at the border where he admitted to smoking the joint found in his ashtray. HE WAS DRIVING A COUNTY VEHICLE! Great candidate! Great role model for your children