Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unofficial Results - Tempe Elections, March 11, 2008

Results courtesy of the City of Tempe -

Early Votes, Total, %

Mayor Hugh Hallman 9371, 11622, 81.66
Write - in 529, 849, 5.96

Council race

Hut Hutson 4615, 5864, 41.20
D. Jacobson-Barnes 2294, 2947, 20.71
Julie Jakubek 4477, 5522, 38.80
Mark Mitchell 6295, 7927, 55.70
Joel Navarro 4507, 5901, 41.46
Rhett Wilson 2018, 2527, 17.76
Corey Woods 4810, 6360, 44.69

Because they were selected on more than 50% of the ballots cast, Hugh Hallman (mayor) and Mark Mitchell (city council) automatically win election.

Two council seats will appear on the ballot for the general election, so the next 4 candidates in terms of votes received in the primary will contest those seats - Corey Woods, Hut Hutson, Joel Navarro, and Julie Jakubek.

Other notes, based on the unofficial results -

Tempe had a voter turnout of 21%; almost 79% of those were early ballots. Wow! Expect the fall campaign season to feature a big push by both parties for early voters.

For those of you Arizonans who hate campaign-oriented junk mail and robocalls - return your early ballot as soon as you make your voting decisions - when you are listed as someone with an unreturned ballot, you will be inundated with campaign materials; once your ballot is returned, they will focus their resources (i.e. - mail and phone contacts) elsewhere.


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