Friday, March 28, 2008

Locker Room Bulletin Board Material

In my previous post, I made the observation that we seem to have entered into a political version of pro football's silly season, a season marked by a significant quantity of meaningless media-produced fluff.

Another phenomenon of of the silly season is "locker room bulletin board material," a quote from a member of one team that the other team takes offense at and posts on its bulletin board as inspiration.

In the political arena, Randy Pullen, chair of the Arizona Republicans, provided a fine example on Thursday.

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Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen said DNC Chairman Howard Dean was better off screaming wildly into microphones. “If Mr. Dean actually thinks either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton can defeat John McCain in his home state of Arizona, Mr. Dean isn’t just screaming, he’s dreaming.”


"...this is possibly the dumbest thing to come out of the DNC since they first defended Senator Clinton’s accusations of a vast right wing conspiracy or tried to cast a favorable light on Senator Obama’s ability to skip vote after vote after vote..."


"But if they could, they’d realize they have about as much hope of winning in Arizona in 2008 as a snowman does in Phoenix in August."

Thank you, Mr. Pullen.

I should note here that Mr. Pullen is correct on one thing - Sen. Obama *has* missed many votes since the start of the 110th Congress (January 2007) - 37%.

Of course what he doesn't mention is the fact that number pales in comparison to that of Mr. Pullen's hero, Sen. John McCain.

McCain has missed 56% of Senate votes over the same period.


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