Friday, March 28, 2008

I pledge...

The AZ Rep has a *special* article on its website, a heartrending tale of woe, a heartfelt plea for help.

The article chronicles the plight of nativist former Congressman-turned-radio-talk-show-blowhard JD Hayworth, who still faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills stemming from his fight against a federal corruption investigation.

The AZ Rep article cites as a source an entry in Hayworth's personal blog (

The blog entry puts forth Hayworth's argument that he was unjustly accused and smeared for political purposes, and that while he has been 'vindicated', he incurred large bills to defend himself. Now that he isn't an elected official receiving regular contributions, his campaign coffers are empty and can no longer be used to pay those legal bills.

He sort of glosses over the fact that it was campaign contributions, particularly those from imprisoned lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his friends, that got him in trouble in the first place, but I digress... :)

Anyway, Hayworth's plea moved me, deeply.

I can't afford to give him money right now (he graciously advised/hinted to his supporters of the IRS's gift limits of $12,000 per person/$24,000 married couple), I can make this pledge.

Thanks to JD's eloquent cry for help, I hereby pledge that if he is eventually convicted and imprisoned, I will send him...


Yup, I'll become his pen pal. (Rather thoughtful of me, isn't it? LOL)

All sarcasm aside, if he or any other reader wants to read about an investigation, conviction, and imprisonment that truly *was* politically motivated, read about the plight of Don Siegelman, former governor of Alabama.

If anything that has happened in the last 7+ years that will put Karl Rove behind bars, what he and the Bush-run Justice Department did to Gov. Siegelman will be it.


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