Thursday, March 06, 2008

CD5 field thins - Hatch-Miller out

One of the Republicans trying to become Harry Mitchell's challenger has dropped out of the race for the nomination in CD5.

From the EV Tribune (actually Paul Giblin's blog at the Trib) -
Arizona Corporation Commission member Jeff Hatch-Miller is dropping out of the crowded Republican primary race for the GOP nomination in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District.

Hatch-Miller told the Tribune he expects to issue a formal statement late today or Friday.

He made the decision after losing two key campaign staff members just as he was preparing to ramp up the campaign. His campaign coordinator died unexpectedly Friday, a day after his speech writer told him she had to cut back her work because of other commitments.

Expect at least one or two more of the erstwhile Republican challengers to drop out before the primary. Even with Hatch-Miller's withdrawal, there are five Reps in the race (counting the 'exploring' Susan Bitter Smith), and some will find that there isn't enough support to go around.


katie said...

Did he resign from Corp Comm or was he still exploring?

cpmaz said...

He hasn't resigned because he is in the last year of his term (thus exempting him from 'resign to run').

I think he's termed out of the ACC, too.

Expect an interesting race for the ACC - there are 11 candidates currently listed for the ACC, and only three of them are Democrats.

There are only three open slots.

That Rep primary is going to be brutal.