Friday, February 08, 2008

Well, Tim Bee's priorities are clear...

And LD30, CD8, and all of Arizona should note:

Serving the people who he was elected to represent *isn't* his first priority.

From the AZ Republic -

Senate leader is MIA; may be campaigning

It's turning into the legislative version of Where's Waldo: Where is Senate President Tim Bee?

The top official in the state Senate has been gone the past two days, prompting questions and quiet grumbling from fellow lawmakers that Bee is distracted by his congressional campaign.

Bee did not return a phone call seeking information about his Senate absences.

The story goes on to highlight how the members of the state senate are both supportive of Bee (stonewalling questions of his whereabouts) and restive over the Senate's lack of activity on many issues, not the least of which is the state's budget crisis.

Perhaps somebody should tell Senator Bee that maybe he should rethink the wisdom of seeking a promotion by abandoning his current job.
More on this story from the AZ Rep's Political Insider here.

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