Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Presidential Preference Election early ballots are arriving...

at least here in Maricopa County.

Just as a reminder -

My post on the Democratic ballot for the presidential preference election is here and the AZ Secretary of State's listing of all of the Democratic candidates is here;

Sonoran Alliance's post on the Republican ballot here and the AZ SOS's listing of the entire Republican ballot is here.

Early ballots in Maricopa County can be requested from the county recorder's office here; early ballots must be requested by January 25th and returned by 7:00 p.m. on February 5th (that's not "postmarked by" either - the ballots must be turned into the county recorder's office or at a polling place by the time polls close at 7.)

Pima County requests here; Pinal County here; Coconino County here; Yavapai County here; La Paz County - mail or phone request only; Yuma County - mail requests; Gila County here; Mohave County here; Apache County - phone request; Navajo County here; Greenlee County - mail-in request form here; Cochise County - no info regarding early ballots on the county recorder's website; Santa Cruz County - also no info available; Graham County here.

Contact your county recorder's office for specific questions and deadlines (all of the deadlines should be same statewide though.)

In all Arizona counties, to receive an early ballot for the presidential preference election, a person must be a registered voter in that county and be registered in the party of the ballot they are requesting.


P.S. - With Governor Bill Richardson's withdrawal from the race, I'm voting for former Senator John Edwards - even if he wasn't on the right side on most issues, especially economic issues, pieces like this Reuters article illustrate why he stands out from the rest of both parties.

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