Monday, August 13, 2007

Municipal elections update...

After last week's LD17 meeting post, I realized that I knew more about Tempe's upcoming municipal elections than I did about Scottsdale's.

Not a good thing for a Scottsdale resident to have to admit. :)

So today, I contacted Scottsdale's City Clerk, Carolyn Jagger, and asked a few questions.

Here are the answers -

When will nominating petitions be available? September 4, 2007.

When are they due? No sooner than May 5, 2008 and no later than June 6, 2008.

General Election date: September 2, 2008

Runoff election date (if necessary): November 4, 2008

The City's website will have complete information available by September 4, 2007. Elections page here.

Contact number for the Scottsdale City Clerk's office: 480.312.2412.

Tempe update:

Petitions/packets are now available.

Due no sooner than November 12, 2007 or later than December 12, 2007.

Primary Election: March 11, 2008

General Election: May 20, 2008.

Tempe's elections homepage here.

Tempe City Clerk's office number: 480.350.8241

Added to the list of people (Mark Mitchell, Corey Woods, Rhett Wilson, and Joel Navarro) who have taken out packets: incumbent Hut Hutson.

BTW - in case you were wondering why Scottsdale's election calendar is so different from Tempe's, it turns out that the new law requiring that municipalities to synch up their elections calendar with state and federal election calendars has a population threshold of 175,000.

Hence, at 216,000 residents (2005 data) Scottsdale is covered by the statute; at 165,000 (also 2005 data), Tempe falls below the threshold.

Thanks to Scottsdale City Clerk Jagger for the info!


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