Monday, August 13, 2007

Interesting comparison...

...when you compare the constituent services of a relative rookie (by D.C. standards anyway) like Harry Mitchell with a grizzled veteran Beltway insider like Jon Kyl, it's reasonable to expect that the veteran will show up the rookie.

Sometimes expectations have nothing to do with reality.

Ya know, many people, including me, have contacted Harry Mitchell over his FISA vote, and continue to disagree with that vote even after hearing or reading his explanation of it.

But disagree with him or not, at least he has responded to the concerns raised by his constituents.

Which is totally unlike another Arizonan sent to D.C. to represent us, Senator Jon Kyl.

Last month, July 12th to be precise, Rajan Zed, a Hindu clergyman from Nevada, was invited to give the morning prayer on the floor of the U.S. Senate. That prayer was disrupted by a group of Christian fundamentalists. who were promptly arrested on misdemeanor charges.

After writing a post about the incident, I wrote a letter to Senators Kyl and McCain, submitting it via their websites.

Today, I received a response from Senator Kyl.

Let me quote from the letter; no, actually let me quote the entire letter -
Dear Mr. [cpmaz],

Thank you for contacting me about Rajan Zed's being permitted to deliver the Senate's opening prayer on July 12. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me, and hope that you will continue to keep me informed of your thoughts and concerns.


Jon Kyl
United States Senator


This letter is so generic, it could have been sent to people who expressed support for the extremists who nearly caused an international incident with their bigotry!

Say what you want about Harry Mitchell's FISA vote, at least he and his staff are on top of constituent communications; the same cannot be said for Jon Kyl and his staff.


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AZW88 said...

You expected Kyl to treat you like a constituent?

Silly boy, constituents are those that give the big bucks to Kyl, not us regular folks that live in the state that he hails from.