Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The wheels are falling off of the 'Straight Talk Express'...

...and after some far-worse-than-expected quarterly fundraising numbers, the shakeups at John McCain's presidential campaign are continuing.

OK, it's beginning to look more like a 'complete collapse' than a 'shakeup', but let's not quibble over mere words.

Either way, it's kind of fun to watch. :))

Today, McCain's campaign manager and a top aide resigned.

From AP via Yahoo! News -
McCain campaign suffers key shakeups

WASHINGTON - John McCain's campaign manager and chief strategist quit the campaign Tuesday in a major staff shake-up for the struggling Republican presidential candidate who is all but broke and trails in opinion polls.


Two officials said Rick Davis, a longtime aide to McCain, will take over the campaign and that other changes also were likely.

The shakeup is the second in a week. It comes just six months before the first voting in Iowa and as McCain, once considered the front-runner, seeks to regain some momentum with a diminishing list of options to lift his candidacy.

Frankly, as a Democrat, I'm a little torn over this -

On one hand, as a Democrat in the general sense, I think he would be the most easily beaten in a general election (he sold his political soul to the Bushies, inextricably tying him to the worst president ever), so in that regard, I hoped that he would get the Republican nomination.

On the other hand, as a Democrat in the *Arizona* sense, I want to see the Democrats take a majority in one or both chambers of the state legislature, and John McCain at the top of the ticket would elevate Republican turnout and make that all but impossible in 2008.

Ahhhhhh....."Speaker of the House Phil Lopes" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :))


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