Saturday, July 21, 2007

And the 'green' grades are in...

Credit for the heads-up on this goes to the AZ Rep's Plugged In...

Congrats to LD17 State Reps. Ed Ableser and David Schapira for making the honor roll of the Arizona League of Conservation Voters and the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club for their work during the 2007 session of the legislature.

Both scored 100% under the LCV's weighted grading guidelines!

Sen. Meg Burton-Cahill slacked off this session, weighing down the overall D17 score by coming in at only 97%.

If only she'd used 'green' crutches while recovering from foot surgery this winter. :))

It was also nice to see that many of the legislators that have received praise here and in other blogs for their fine work in the lege also scored well with the AzCLV (Steve Farley's 100%, for example), while others that have received criticism scored poorly with the AzCLV, too -

Sen. Ron 'Confederate Flag' Gould (R-LD3) .....18%
Rep. Trish 'DUI' Groe (R-LD3).....19%

Maybe it's something in the LD3 water, though if there is, expect Groe and Gould to be OK with that, particularly if some company is making money off of it.

Of course, the same might be said in LD18 -

Rep. Russell 'National Alliance' Pearce (R-LD18).....26%
Sen. Karen 'UFO Sighting' Johnson (R-LD18).....29%

And the district most likely to welcome a toxic waste dump?

LD22, with Sen. Thayer Vershoor (R) scoring 37%, Rep. Andy Biggs (R) scoring 23% and Rep. Eddie Farnsworth scoring 25%.

By comparison, my [least] favorite state senator, Jack Harper (R-Surprise!) did remarkably well, scoring a 48%!

His loyal constituents should take heart though; I have no doubt that Jack will see this score and use it as motivation for next session.

That score will be in single digits faster than you can say 'culture of corruption.'


Note: The AzCLV's legislative scorecard is here; Sierra Club's press release is here.

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