Monday, August 17, 2015

Doug Ducey's "plan" to fix Arizona: Don't fix anything, just say nice things about it

Last week, news broke that Arizona lost out on two corporate relocations, mostly because of Arizona's decrepit and declining education system and its hate-filled political subculture.

Doug Ducey, Arizona's governor, has responded, not by urging the lege to fully fund the state's education system or taking steps to rein in the wingnuts at the state capitol, but instead by...wait for it...

"Rebranding" Arizona.

More specifically, an advertising agency, one with ties to Ducey that date back to his involvement with Cold Stone Creamery (noted as one of the worst franchisers, in terms of SBA loan defaults*) has been contracted to come up with a new slogan that puts Arizona in a more "positive" light.

Now, I think its clear from the above that I think that Ducey is treating his office like a siphon, using it to direct public money to the deep pockets of his allies.  However, being someone who loves Arizona in spite of its flaws, I want to help.  Maybe if I (and other people) contribute...

No promises that these will be viewed as "positive", however. :)


Arizona: come for the sunburn, stay for the melanoma


Arizona: come for the dehydration, stay for the heat stroke


Ditat Deus**, sed Exhaurias Republicans (which I think is Latin for "God Enriches, but Republicans Impoverish"; if that isn't quite correct, well, my Latin is admittedly horrible)


It's a dry hate

Anyone who has their own ideas to offer is welcome to leave suggestions in the comments section or to communicate them directly to the governor's office here.

* = not totally relevant to the main topic here, but it shows that Ducey's attitude of "to hell with the little people; after I get the money, they can take their chances" is not a new one.

** = Ditat Deus is the state's motto currently (and since before it became a state).  I'm suggesting that we update it to reflect current reality.

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Marc said...

If you can't stand the summer, don't come for the winter.