Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nativists Planning To Party In Phoenix On Saturday

As pretty much everyone knows by now, the infamous Donald Trump, America's Wealthiest Loudmouthed Bigot, will be the featured speaker at an event hosted by the Maricopa County Republican Party later today.

From the event ticketing webpage -

AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona does an excellent job of dissecting Trump's presidential candidacy in general and  the visit to Phoenix in particular, here.

Right now, there are three announced speakers - Tyler Bowyer, chair of the MCGOP; Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County (and one of the few people in America who doesn't have to take a step back from Trump in the category of "shameless media whore"); and, of course, Trump himself.

Left out of any announcements that I've seen thus far is a list of the "good ole boys" who will be sure to make an appearance, even if they aren't on stage  - the Russell Pearces, John Kavanaghs, AJ Lafaros, and more.

You know, the ones that have done their part to make Arizona a "must visit" on any bigot's national travel itinerary.

Where it could get surprising, and interesting, is seeing which B-teamers try to use the event as an opportunity to hobnob (OK, the 21st century version of "bow and scrape") with the nativists' equivalent of "royalty".

They won't be "establishment" Republicans - that breed of R is running as fast as possible and running as far as possible, away from Trump.

Nope, they'll be people who are looking to challenge establishment Rs, people such as State Sen. "Chemtrail" Kelli Ward (R-Lake Havasu City), who is looking to unseat US Sen. John McCain (R-Never Met A War That He Didn't Monger).

Of course, as soon as she (or any other non-establishment R challenger) is successful, they will become enthusiastic members of the R "establishment" - that's where the money is, after all...but I digress...

Of course2, in Maricopa County GOP circle, legendary bigots such as Arpaio, Pearce, et. al. *are* the GOP establishment, so Saturday afternoon in downtown Phoenix is sure to be colorful.

Originally, the event was scheduled to be held at the Biltmore resort in Phoenix, but it outgrew that venue...and the rather well-heeled residents of the Biltmore area realized that a visit from Trump also means a visit from protestors.

Protestors that might disturb the tender sensibilities of the residents.  Trump's bile filled speeches aren't bothersome, at least not as bothersome as truth.

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