Monday, August 25, 2014

For at least one race, tomorrow is the equivalent of the general election

I saw this on Jeff DeWit's twitter feed on Saturday and I was going to absolutely *pounce* on this for the unbridled arrogance of a Republican saying that a race is over in the primary.

And then I realized that it may be arrogant...but it is true in his race.

From the candidate listing on the AZSOS' website -

With all due respect to Mr. Davis and his write-in candidacy, this one *is* over after the primary.

None of the three R candidates, DeWit, Hallman, or Pullen seem to be the type to be good, or even potentially good, public servants, so we are left with hoping R primary voters choose the least bad candidate.

Given Arizona's recent history, we know how unlikely that is.

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