Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fun with campaign signs - Hallman Edition

Hugh Hallman, a former mayor of Tempe, is showing his "not ready for prime time" status with his current campaign signs.

This year, he's running for Arizona State Treasurer against two other Rs (no Democratic candidates are in the race, so that one will be decided in the R primary).

State treasurer is a low-profile position, so low profile that even knowledgeable activists don't know much about it.  And average voters?

They might know the job exists, but not much else.

And it appears that Hallman is looking to take advantage of that ignorance with misleading campaign signs -

The problem with this sign (and he has the same verbiage on his website)?

Other than period pilgrimages over to the lege to beg lobby for a bigger chunk of it, the state treasurer has almost NOTHING to do with the state's budget.

The budget is within the purview of the legislature, and they aren't giving up that one; the only reason that they pay any attention to the governor regarding the budget is because of the governor's veto power.

The state treasurer doesn't have that, so is ignored.

However, the average voter doesn't know the nitty-gritty of Arizona governance, so we get signs like this.


Thane Eichenauer said...

Per the AZsos web site there is a registered Dem candidate for State Treasurer...

1603 West Rovey Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85015 Telephone: (602)412-7964
Filerid: 201400865

Date Filed: 06/12/2014

cpmaz said...

He's a write-in candidate, and doesn't seem to be mounting much of an effort.

I've been to many LD meetings and events in general since he filed, and he hasn't been to any of the events.

He needs 4804 votes to get the nomination and appear on the general election ballot. My guess is that he ends up 4700 (or more) votes short.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I can't resist an underdog. As for votes, he needs 4804. I wonder how many write in votes he needs for them to count 4804... My guess is 7,000.