Monday, May 19, 2014

Election 2014: Dropping off sigs and dropping the gloves

...It's getting on toward the filing deadline for candidates, the date when they have to file their signed nominating petitions.

Felecia Rotellini, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, filing more than 13000 signatures.  Picture courtesy her campaign Facebook page.

This week will see most campaigns file their signatures, mostly so that they can use Memorial Day weekend as the last bit of "down" time available to them before the August primary elections (except for the candidates, most of whom will be at Memorial Day events).

The full list of candidates who have submitted their sigs to the AZ SOS is here.  The list will be updated daily.

The Maricopa County list can be found here (click on "2014 Primary Candidate Listing").

 ...Just about the time sigs are dropped off, gloves are dropped (that's a hockey reference for you folks who grew up in the desert :) ).

In the CD1 Republican primary, one candidate, Andy Tobin, has called on another candidate, Gary Kiehne, to withdraw from the race.  Kiehne made some comments at a debate, blaming Democrats for 99% of mass shootings.

Tobin says that Kiehne isn't "level-headed" enough to represent Arizona. 

Which is kind of ironic, given that Tobin led the legislature in passing SB1062 during this past session of the lege.  It was their attempt to legalize discrimination based on religious "beliefs".

Kiehne didn't take it well, calling Tobin "scandal plagued" and a "carpetbagger"

Expect this just to be the first salvo; this race is going to be entertaining one.

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