Monday, April 28, 2014

Rich Crandall: Out of a job in Wyoming, coming back to Arizona

Hey, I'm impressed that he lasted an entire winter in WY...

From the Arizona Republic
A former Arizona state senator who headed Wyoming's education department before a court reinstated that state's school superintendent as head of the agency says he's returning home to Arizona.

Rich Crandall was chosen for the Wyoming job by Gov. Matt Mead last summer, but he left last week after the state's superintendent reclaimed her responsibilities.


Crandall says he's using up vacation days and officially leaves Wyoming state service May 1. He plans to return to Arizona in June and focus on running his family companies, possibly teaching and eventually looking for another job in education.

Crandall, a Republican from the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, said he has no plans to run again for a seat in Arizona's Legislature.

"Definitely not the Legislature, the time commitment's too much," Crandall said. "But maybe a school board. I love the community college system. Who knows?"

Amazingly, Crandall was the *better* option compared to Cindy Hill, the person he replaced in Wyoming (and who, in turn, replaced him).

According to this report from the Huffington Post, when she was previously in charge of the Wyoming state education department, she created an environment of physical fear and mismanaged the department so badly that even her fellow Rs felt she had to go.

Based on the article, he's not interested in becoming a state legislator again, but he *has* been a member of a school board in the past.  It may be too late in the cycle for him to seek a seat on one this time around (especially with logistics of moving from WY), but a 2016 run could be within his sights.

If he doesn't do something else before then (like go to work on an R presidential campaign - he is noted for having ties to the Jeb Bush camp).

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