Monday, April 21, 2014

Legislative lineup card: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Because things are so fluid at the Capital this week, expected to be the final week of the session, I'll post on a daily basis regarding the legislative calendars posted for the following day.

Be aware, however, that things may move very quickly at the lege and all calendars are subject to change without notice.

Some of the more dangerous measures up for consideration (or, in two cases, reconsideration) - 

On the House's Final Read calendar:

Reconsideration of HB2058, placing a limit on the annual compensation level that can be used to calculate the pensions of public employees; a way to reduce pensions without appearing to do so.

It passed earlier in the session, but was amended on the Senate floor, necessitating a vote in the House to approve the changes.

It failed by one vote on Monday, but five members were absent.  The sponsor, Rep. John Kavanagh, voted against the measure, which allowed him to move for reconsideration of the measure.  Presumably, he expects one of the five absent members to support his measure.  Since his seat mate, Michelle Ugenti, was one of the five, and she despises public employees as much as Kavanagh does, the presumption is probably a safe one.

On the House's Third Read calendar (here and here):

SB1404, declaring that a"direct primary care provider plan does not constitute the transaction of insurance or a health care services organization" and isn't subject to regulation.

SB1344, barring the Citizens' Clean Election Commission from investigating or acting on campaign finance violations committed by candidates who are "traditional" funding candidates.  Failed on Monday by one vote; up for reconsideration Tuesday.

On the House's COW calendar:

SB1237, an expansion of school vouchers "empowerment scholarship accounts".

On the Senate's COW calendar:

HB2262, the taxi industry protection act.

Stay tuned...

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