Friday, April 18, 2014

Al Melvin: purveyor of fuzzy geography

Al Melvin may claim that Common Core educational standards embrace "fuzzy math", but he may not be one to speak - his knowledge of Arizona geography is fuzzy.  At best.

State Sen. Al Melvin (R), wants to be governor of Arizona.

It's no secret that I have many problems with that, but I never thought that I would have to say this:

He doesn't know enough about Arizona geography to be qualified to visit the governor's office, much less occupy it.

On Thursday, he tweeted this -

Anthem?  "[J]ust north of Florence"???

From Google maps -

Yes, I suppose that technically speaking, Anthem is north of Florence, but not "just" north.

Getting curious, I looked up the event in question.

From the Facebook page of the Pinal County Republican Party -

The route between Anthem and the forum address in Florence, also courtesy Google maps -

Under normal circumstances, I would not publicize a Republican event.

I chose to do so in this case because if Al Melvin continues to labor under the delusion that the event is in Anthem, he will end up traveling to Maricopa County.

That would ruin a potentially great weekend.  For any Maricopans who cross his path.


Ryan Harper said...

There is actually a Dell Web development in Florence named Anthem. I believe it is the same developer as the Anthem north of Phoenix and they are "branding" Anthem across Arizona.

cpmaz said...

Ryan, it took a little digging, but you seem to be correct - there *is* a development in Florence with "Anthem" in its name.

From :

Parkside at Anthem at Merrill Ranch
3225 N. Lafayette Drive
Florence, AZ 85132

Melvin used "Anthem" as if it was a place distinct from Florence. And the Pinal County Republicans didn't even include the word in their notice for the event.