Friday, December 13, 2013

Remember "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Drive"? The 21st Century Version Should Be "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Facebook",

...In a way, I kind of hope he was drinking; it would be truly scary if the comment in question was produced while stone-cold sober...

Former state representative John Fillmore (he ran for state senate in 2012, but lost to Rich Crandall in one of the nastier primary battles of that cycle) is running for a return to the legislature.

I think his rhetorical skills have degenerated to the point where debate season could be rather painful for him (to be fair, I didn't pay much attention to him before this; he may have always been a loon).

Exhibit One:

On Thursday, Brahm Resnik of Channel 12 tweeted a picture of Rep. Chad Campbell, the Democratic leader in the AZ House, talking with the editorial board of the Arizona Republic about the ongoing CPS scandal.  That picture made it to Facebook, where a brief discussion erupted, with most commenters joining Campbell in wondering why the current head of CPS isn't the *former* head of CPS by now.

The notable exception was Fillmore, in a comment submitted at 5:42 a.m. Thursday.

 Ummm...say what?!?

Putting Fillmore's comment into larger type -

This man with skin in the game was the only person in the crap my government calls "entitlements" (WELFARE) that asked "how come we do not have an EXIT plan sponsored b y the State for welfare" Chad instead you slobs dumped 300,000 more people on welfare. Bad for them, bad for Arizona, Bad for America,,,, Great for Democrats and liberal Republicans. Mr Carter is just needs time and focus not cuss and dump.

A larger typeface doesn't help - it's still a bizarre but muddled rant. 

IMO, if he wasn't drunk when he posted this, he might not be emotionally or mentally stable enough to be a state legislator.  

Which is saying something, considering the low standard set by the lege in those areas.

Note: I perused a goodly portion of Fillmore's FB timeline.  He's rather far out there politically, but this is bizarre even by his standards.


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