Sunday, December 08, 2013

Guest post: Children Don't Vote

By Jerry Gettinger

First our schools were targeted to be used as a well, where our legislators could go to, when there was a drought of money.  

Children don’t vote.  

And parents are too busy holding down two jobs to notice that their youngster is in a class of 30 plus students.  

Then suddenly Mr. Parraz became curious and subsequently discovered that the sheriff and his gang, oops, I mean his deputies, let a somewhat large number of child molestation complaints go unnoticed.  

Some would call Mr. Parraz rude while others characterize him as brave. I am of the latter.   

Although by now some of the children in the cases are adults.  The children grew up while the sheriff made excuses for the “oversight.” 

Whatever one calls it, the children once again suffered.

Children can’t vote and in some cases the parents might have been perpetrators.  The children continued to suffer.  As I mentioned, children don’t vote.  

And now there is the CPS scandal, where case after case has gone uninvestigated.  

 Is there a common thread or am I just imagining that the children of our state have a very difficult time while they are growing up?  

Schools, helpless at the hands of perverts and are just plain helpless.  The victimization of our children must stop.  

It is not only the school system that is in shambles, it is the entire system that is preying on the young.  

What has been done is borderline criminal.  No one person is to blame. 

It’s the whole bunch.  

The executive branch, county sheriff and a school system that has been robbed of its ability to teach.  

Remember this on Election Day.  

A Jewish prophet once said, “Suffer thy children unto me...”  

I am certain he did not mean make them suffer.

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