Friday, November 15, 2013

Candidate and committees update

First, the toughest news to this point of the election cycle, the toughest news at any point of any election cycle -

...Manny Cruz, Democratic candidate for state mine inspector, and a former candidate for that office (2010) and mayor of Glendale (2012), has ended his candidacy in order to devote his time to dealing with lung cancer and being with his family.

Whatever your preference for situations like this - prayers, good thoughts, best wishes, etc. - send them in the direction of Manny and his family.  Please.  They have a tough fight on their hands and can use all of the help that they get.

On to more mundane developments...

...Doug Little, Republican, has filed for a run at a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission.  He's the chair of the LD23 Republicans.

...Randy Pullen, Republican, has filed for a run at the state treasurer's job.  He's a former chair of the AZGOP and treasurer of the national GOP (aka - insider's insider).  His interest in the job has been public knowledge for months; this is just making things official.

...Linda Gray, Republican, has filed for a run for a House seat from LD1 (Prescott).  She's a former legislator, previously representing Glendale.

Otherwise, things have been fairly quiet on the local (meaning Tempe and Scottsdale) and federal fronts (meaning that any new candidates are "minor" ones until, and if, they gain some electoral traction)...

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