Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RBB: AZ clemency board director resigns due to misconduct

* RBB = Republicans Behaving Badly 

From the Arizona Republic, written by Craig Harris -
Jesse Hernandez, the ex-chairman and executive director of the state Board of Executive Clemency, suddenly quit last week after an investigation found nine cases of inappropriate behavior, including giving an unqualified female employee he was dating a promotion and $21,340 pay raise, records obtained Wednesday by The Arizona Republic show.

The Republic acquired heavily redacted documents through the Arizona Public Records Law after Gov. Jan Brewer’s Office refused to explain Monday why her appointment abruptly quit Aug. 16.

Brewer appointed Hernandez, a Republican political operative, to the post last year despite having no experience in corrections or criminal justice, according to his resume.

Harris used the phrase "Republican political operative" to describe Hernandez. 

Harris has a gift for understatement.

From Hernandez' LinkedIn profile -

In addition to the stuff listed above, Hernandez was chair of a pro-Russell Pearce political committee during the Pearce recall in 2011 -


 And he was a candidate for state senate in 2006 -

A campaign co-chair for Maricopa County Attnorney Bill Montgomery.  From the AZ lege's bio page for Hernandez' appointment -

Maybe Harris should have spelled "operative" with a capital "O"...

Anyway, it could have been worse - Hernandez could have given his girlfriend an entire *job* for which she wasn't qualified, not just a pay raise.

Ya know, kind of like Tom Horne, Arizona's Attorney General.

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