Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Al Melvin reveals the secret cause of drought conditions in the Southwest: Trees.

The man who would be King Ev The Second uses his Twitter feed to "enlighten" his followers on political and societal "reality" as he sees it.

In general, his posts are worthy only of ignoring (they run the rhetorical gamut from "Obama's a [something that Melvin disapproves of, usually a socialist]" to "Democrats are responsible for [everything that Melvin finds wrong in the modern US]"), but once in a while, he posts something that serves to remind people that he may be crazier than the average AZ Republican (and that's saying something).

To my embarrassment, I missed this one when he posted it -

Mock away, folks...

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Phoenix Justice said...

Now THAT is an #SRWT (Stupid Right Wing Tweet)! That's like that line in Secret of My Success where Vera is talking to Brantley about how she hates trees because "they suck up all the oxygen".