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State Senator Rick Murphy under investigation over sex abuse allegation

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From the Arizona Republic, written by Mary K. Reinhart -

Arizona Sen. Rick Murphy, a foster and adoptive parent who identifies himself as a leader on child-welfare issues, is under investigation by Peoria police and state Child Protective Services for allegations he sexually abused children in his care, according to police records.

Police said the investigation was launched Saturday, after an older teen reported repeated incidents of alleged abuse by Murphy going back at least six years. The teen also self-reported his own inappropriate sexual contact with another child in the home, the reports show.

The article goes on to chronicle the fact that this isn't the first time that Murphy has been the subject of similar allegations - in 2011, there was an investigation into abuse claims from another teen who was being fostered by Murphy and his wife.  At the time, the investigation was closed for insufficient evidence; according to the article, that investigation has been reopened in light of the current allegations.

It's too soon in the investigatory process for much specific comment ("allegations" aren't "facts" until they are proven), but here are a few general comments:

1.  I hope the allegations are untrue.  Not because I like Murphy; never met him.  Not because I like his politics; his politics are appalling.

Because if the allegations are true, that means there are more victims of sexual abuse in the world.  Not something that the world needs.

2.  If, however, the allegations turn out to be true, he should be tossed into the general population of the darkest, dankest hole that the Arizona Department of Corrections has to offer.  Something the world needs.

Having said all of that, I have to ask:

WTF is in the Kool-Aid that the friends and allies of Russell Pearce drink?

- Rick Murphy - see above.

- JT Ready - friend and protege of Pearce; multiple murders and suicide.
Ready (left) and Pearce, in happier days.  Pic courtesy the Phoenix New Times

- Chris Simcox - anti-immigrant ally of Pearce; arrested on child molestation charges.

- Scott Bundgaard, formerly majority leader and one of Pearce's chief allies in the state senate; ultimately resigned from the state senate after being involved in a domestic violence incident by the side of a Phoenix freeway.  Last seen suing the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix PD over their audacity in holding him responsible for his actions.

- Joshua Pearce, son and convict.  Who has faced child abuse allegations of his own in the past (all non-sexual, so far as I know).  Has some "interesting" tattoos.
Joshua Pearce mugshot, courtesy Phoenix New Times

- Don Shooter, current state senator and ally of Pearce while he was in the state senate; facing charges over his rampage in his grandson's charter school.

Don't know what "special ingredient" is added to the Kool-Aid at Pearce machine gatherings but they may wish to consider reducing the dosage.  It doesn't seem to be working out too well.

As for the Murphy allegations, those will shake out as they will.  Stay tuned...

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