Saturday, June 01, 2013

Fun with social media

Perhaps due to the holiday this week, it was relatively quiet on the social media front for Arizona electeds.

Of course, after the first post in the series, I also found that I was *mysteriously* following fewer people on Twitter.  Hmmm... :)

Still, a few electeds served up some updates that are ripe for mocking.

...State Sen. "Atomic" Al Melvin spewed forth some of his usual brain pan drippings -

Posted May 31, 2013
Arpaio's body count is in the hundreds and his dollar count is in the millions.  He's destroyed thousands of families and sacrificed hundreds of sex crime victims upon the altar of his hatred of people with skin darker than a Sun City golfer's tan.

Many words can be used to describe Arpaio.

"Innocent" isn't one of them.

...State Treasurer Doug Ducey joined the fun this week, though his posting is more an example of "conflation" than "clueless" -

Posted May 30, 2013

 Ummm...even if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that IRS officials improperly targeted conservative groups for official scrutiny, how does a need for behavior reform equal a need for tax reform? 

Of course, if the allegations concerned the improper scrutiny and harassment of liberal groups, Ducey and his associates would be dancing in the streets, which kind of undercuts their credibility on this issue.

...But the winner of this edition of the Tweet of the Week Award (Irony Edition) goes to State Rep. Rick Gray (R-Sun City) -

Posted May 29, 2013
 Given that he's part of the R leadership (House Majority Whip) that has been working to destroy education in AZ (K - college), Gray probably should have been more selective in choosing his quotes.

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